Monday, December 2, 2013

The blog post that will save my sorry butt.

I am writing this just because I don't want to post below (as brilliant as it is) to be the first thing people see when coming to this site. I am totally cool if it is the second thing, but I feel as though I should build a bond of trust with my reader before I call them a sad sassy dipshit.

Really, this is a nice site. I am a nice person. You are probably a nice person. Most people who visit this site are nice people. Really. This is a nice virtual space. It's really nice. You're a sad sassy disphit tho

If you're my game professor, and you're reading the post below (it's possible, I guess), I just want to say that I don't really think your class is bullshit; my statement was purely rhetorical. I've gained a lot this semester, and I'm looking forward to continuing onto the next class in the sequence with you. It seems like it'll be a lot of fun. My grumpy rage wasn't your fault, it was the result of other circumstances. I apologize.

And if you're my partner for this project, and you're reading the post below, I forgive you. Thanks for actively working with me today for our final presentation - you seemed to be on board with it. School's hard, and I know you didn't mean any harm when you didn't respond to my email asking for your participation - I'm sure you had your reasons. I wouldn't have minded an apology - that would have been a super thing to do - but I'm not going to hold a grudge against you.

In other news, I've been playing Porpentine's latest freeware game, Armada, and it's wonderful. It's crudely pieced together and drawn in Game Maker, but the world design is top-notch, and the soundtrack's well worth head-banging to. Goes to prove that you don't have to be a great artist or programmer to make great games. What are the rest of you waiting for - all of you can make games! Seriously, if you want to be pointed in the direction of some entry-level software, let me know.

(Oh and omigosh, I asked Porpentine for some help on completing Armada, and she responded to me, and I'm like omigosh one of my game dev heroes responded to my query in the cyberworld - day made. But reader you're a flaming spiraled ape shit farter but I still love you.)

I've finally finished implementing turrets in Waker, now they actually shoot at you. For the rest of the week, I'll be rewriting dialogue up through the second conversation with Darro, if that means anything to those of you who have played the demo. Importantly, I'll finally start rewriting the dialogue so that each character's attitude toward the Waker is actually derived from his attitude toward them. Most RPGs do this in really limited ways, I want Waker to stand apart from other games in this department - I'm curious what impact it'll have on the story's draw. I think I'll re-release a new demo by the end of December. In the meantime you can go snort ghosts pansy-farter.

At the moment, I'm so thrilled to still be working on this game - it's already undergone tremendous improvement since the last demo was released, and I think I was working from a fairly strong starting point. If you ever offered me encouragement to keep with the project, thanks so much. You keep this game alive.

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