High Transit

art by Courtney Irby

High Transit is a short, high-speed, 3D platformer set in a future filled with trains. Ride on trains in the sky. Stop trains with buttons in a subway. Don't get hit by trains anywhere. Trains. Trains. TrainsThe project was created by a small team over three and a half months as an Ohio University capstone project. I am not going to lie to you: this is the buggiest game I have ever worked on, but it hopefully compensates for its bugginess with sheer awesome. Sure, there's rendering errors, but you get to make precise death-defying jumps from one high speed train to another in the sky.

Learn more about the game and download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Game Jolt!


  • Taylor Henning: Concept, manager, 2D and 3D art and animation, menu design
  • Alex Higgins (me): Programming and level design
  • Courtney Irby: 2D and concept art
  • Marc Nie: 3D art and animation
  • Todd Thornley: 3D art and asset placement
  • Ben Roberts: 2D and 3D art


  • Anthony Mikicic: Music and sound design
  • Jimmy Gartland: Animation programming

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