Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Old and Unfinished Games Added

     As promised, I've finally finished uploading a whole bunch of old and unfinished games, some of which are 9 years old. I've been making games for a long time, and my golly, I've made a whole lot. Sadly, this doesn't even scratch the surface of the best work I've produced during my teen years - a lot of that is forever lost. I'll tell you that story some other time. It's not a bad one.

     Anyway, I uploaded a whopping nine games, including:

Unfinished 3D adventure game, the spiritual predecessor to Waker. 

Unfinished platformer commissioned by a kid I once knew.

Unfinished tactical shooter of surprisingly sophisticated design.

Wintery arcade shooter. Run over people, in a sled!

Grenade-filled science fiction epic I made when I was a kid. No, that is not a typo. At least, not anymore.

The first game I made, and the sequels it spawned. Man, what a franchise.

      Enjoy! As usual, these are Windows only. Really sorry, I plan on making stuff in Unity and Twine in the future for those of you using alternative operating systems.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Void Hero Blues, Site Updates, RIP

Here's some more screenshots from The Void Hero Blues. If I can get away with making this whole damn thing with cubes, I swear I will. Can I say how much I love bump maps?

Also, I've been tidying up the site a bit. The "games" page is a lot more user friendly, and you may have noticed there's a whole bunch of new entries with the text, "coming soon". I've decided, for posterity's sake, to upload a bunch of old and unfinished (playable) work. Unfortunately, some of my best stuff from my teen years has been forever deleted, but what I've presented what I've been able to salvage. I'll be uploading old games as I have time. Stay tuned!

I also want to pay homage to, which recently was shut down. Most of the recommended games on this blog I originally found on that site, and one of the happiest mornings of my life was when Terry Cavanagh shared Digital Toilet World. It was a real special website, and if nothing takes it's place, I'm half tempted to spearhead an effort to help replace it. Terry, Porp, Stephen, Tim, Aquin, and Noyb, thanks again for two years of fantastic work. You're some of the coolest sons-of-guns there are.