Wednesday, May 6, 2015

High Transit and a Thesis

I keep making things. Today, I am sharing two of those things with you.

1) High Transit

High Transit is a team student project for which I was the primary programmer and level designer. In the game, you get to jump on fast moving trains in the sky. That is pretty cool. What's not cool is that it's loaded with bugs and rendering issues.

I feel incredibly conflicted about the game - more so than I usually feel about my projects. It is not the most polished, personally expressive, subversive, or experimental thing I've worked on. However, it does feature some of my best  mechanics and level design, and is a blast to play.

Check it out on Game Jolt!

2) Cuties Killing Video Games: Gender Politics and Performance in Indie Game Developer Subculture

I spent the past year writing a 200 page thesis about how online communities and noncapitalist modes of game production make feminist politics in gaming subculture possible! I figured it might be of interest to some of you in such communities who use such modes of production to perform such politics.

You can download it from here!

With both of these massive projects out of the way, expect more Toilets Meat and Drugs development, and the actual return of Radical Playing.