Posterity Archive

I won't go into the details here, when I was a teenager (15 or 16?), I had an unfortunate interaction that prompted me to permanently delete all of the games I had made until then. Since then, I've decided to do my best to preserve all of my work, no matter how awful it is.

I've managed to salvage some old games (pre-2007, or was it 2008?) I made before the wipe -  I downloaded them from the old Game Maker Sandbox and old emails I sent to middle school friends - but about a half dozen first person shooters I made, among countless other projects, are gone, and I miss 'em.

Everything else here is unfinished or old projects that are downright embarrassing.

Overall, most of the games here are trash from my middle and high school years. But, trash does have entertainment value, so I am sharing it with you. At the very least, when I'm famous and successful as a game designer, folks will have a nice treasure trove of bad games to sort through and psychoanalyze.

Station to Station (unfinished)
Station to Station is a first person adventure game about a person sent to deliver a letter in a fantastic wasteland. It was my first serious foray into 3D with Game Maker, and a project too large in scale for me to handle at the time. It's the spiritual predecessor to Waker... which was also a project too large in scale for me to handle at the time.

That being said, it has a few really cool moments. I'm really fond of the intro train scene, and the guy stranded on the pillar, and the troll on the bridge... there are some awful good bits in it.


In Which Sonny the Wolf Decides to Show Dracula Who's Boss (unfinished)
A young boy in the neighborhood I grew up in asked me to make him a game. He wanted a game featuring a red wolf named Sonny, Spyro the Dragon Purple Reptilian, and Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Mammal. Sonny the Wolf would travel in a spaceship to defeat Dracula.

The kid moved out of the neighborhood before I could even show him the game. There's no sound, no Dracula, and the player can't die, but I did managed to make 4 levels.


A Day by the River
A game in which you play as a silhouette (don't ask) who encounters various people in dire need of help. Will you be a decent human being, or will you be an asshole? I made it in two weeks for a high school class project on civility. I tried to make something serious, and I failed. This thing is hilarious.


Rogue Gun (demo)
Rogue Gun is a side-scrolling tactical shooter I was making during my early teenage years. I made a lot of shooters during that time. This isn't my favorite of them, but it was the only one I could salvage, and it's still pretty impressive. It's challenging!

I had the emotional/cognitive intelligence of a 15 year old when I made this, so ignore the introductory cutscene. You can hit the spacebar to skip it. I failed to do much narrative implementation after that bit.


Sledder is an arcade game I made in my early teenage years. You play as a couple of kids in a sled as they are assaulted by other kids wearing ski masks. Also, yetis. Oh, and you can run over people with your sled. That's great.


Apocolypse (sic)
2005 or 2006?
I had many strengths when I was a pre-teen; spelling was not one of them.

Apocolypse is a top-down action game which alternates between space combat and planetary exploration. Earth blew up, and you're left wandering around, fighting aliens. I thought that shooting bullets was too cliche, so, instead, you throw grenades.

It's a surprisingly long game, and is frustratingly difficult at times. Good luck.


Blasterman 2
Blasterman 3: Blade Battle
Blasterman: Revolution
Blasterman was just about my first real game. You're a gray astronaut and you have to fight a bunch of red astronauts. In the third game in the saga, some jerk with a sword blows up your gray astronaut base, and you chase him for the following two games. It's awful, it's sometimes stupid hard, but there are a few clever bits. I recommend Blasterman 2 the least, and 3 and Revolution the most.

I will admit, I went back and changed the player collision box so you wouldn't get stuck in walls. Oh, and I had to turn off the precise collision checking on the clickable text. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as it was back in 2005.