Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Will Probably Lose Your Job - Progress

I'm going to be frank: I hate animating characters. Drawing them's fine - I love to translate the forms that I've envision for them into reality - but re-drawing them in a slightly different position a dozen times is one of the few parts of game development that I dislike. So progress on animating YWPLYJ's protagonist has been super-slow. Really, all I have to show for the past month of work is an animated character (with a shadow!) that can move around the world. Thankfully, I've gotten over that hurdle - the rest of the game's characters require much less animating, and the coding that will follow will go very quickly.

I'm going to have to make the protagonist's sprite darker since the side that is visible to the player is supposed to be in shadow, but that can wait for tomorrow.

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