Thursday, January 31, 2013

Proteus review, Waker update of sorts

And here's a review of Proteus that I just wrote for Beta Fish. I swear that I'll get back to critical game analysis and the Waker devlog sometime soon.

The main reason that I've been quiet about Waker  lately is that it's getting progressively harder to share screenshots and info on the game's progress without spoiling it. Development hasn't slowed down as much as I thought it would since the semester started - I'm stilling managing to find a couple of hours every other day or so to dedicate to the game.

Here's what I can share about the more recent changes I've made to the game: Giants! Explosions! Eye lasers! Commentary on eye lasers! Character back story! Revised dialogue! Improved scene of ruined ghost town in snow that now longer looks like ass! In-game camera that isn't centered on the main character square on! It's damn fine.

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