Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recommendation: Attack on Titan Tribute Game

You see the text in the corner that says "Frumper just killed a titan with 520 damage?" That was me. I did that. Boom.

Hey, so you know that hit anime/manga Attack on Titan that all the kids are raving about these days? Have you ever though to yourself that a co-op multiplayer game based on the franchise, in which a small team of terrified soldiers armed with jetpacks, grappling hooks, and swords has to fight through an arena of giant, naked, nearly-invincible giants, would be balls-to-the-wall awesome?

There is such a game. It is free. It's called Attack on Titan Tribute Game, and it's balls-to-the-wall awesome.

And it's also really freakin' hard.
The only way to kill the giants is to close in using your 3D Maneuvering Device (meaning that you have to traverse levels Spiderman style), get behind them, and land a well-placed blow to the back of their neck. The game's mechanics are super bare-bones - you have to manually aim the grappling hooks yourself - making the game really, really hard, but also allowing for a number of incredibly complicated and impressive maneuvers.

As rough as the game is, it's one of the most fantastic multiplayer experiences I've had in a while. Check it out.


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