Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wrist recovering, many games recommended!

Hey, so it looks like my wrist may be recovered as soon as a month from now. What's more, I was just changed from a full-arm cast to a short-form cast, allowing for elbow usage, and I was given permission to use my right hand for computer operation.

I still don't have amazing dexterity with my right hand, and using it is fairly exhausting, but I am now better able to type and use a mouse. So, I'm pleased to say that I'm starting to slowly hack away at Waker again.

I won't be able to run at full speed for another month, but hey, I'm running. 

In other news, here's some free games I've played in the last month or so that are worth checking out. Fun fact: you can play all of them with one hand:

I Move the People by C. Hughes

An interactive fiction game about life as a human, and life as an elevator. Kind of beautiful.

Death of the Augnob by Jake Clover

Short punk adventure about the death of the Augnob. Clover always does good sound design. Ugly and engrossing as hell. 

Exit Fate by SCF

An oldie, but a goodie that I've rediscovered. I've gotten pretty tired of high fantasy JRPGs, and high fantasy most-things, but Exit Fate is just too damn good. Intrigue? Epic scale? Unique, simple, elegant battle system that evolves and stays fresh from beginning to end? Exit Fate's got it all.

Mogeko Castle by Mogeko

A self-described "prosciutto adventure game" by Mogeko, who also made The Gray Garden and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, translated by vgperson. You play as Yonaka, a high school girl trapped in a castle filled with cute but perverted creatures called Mogekos. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will mostly be uncomfortable. 

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