Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bloodjak v1.2

Bloodjak is now at version 1.2!

The trickiest thing with making changes to Bloodjak is the fact that the game has competitive online scoring, and that any changes I make to the game's difficulty need to respect that. As soon as I change the timing of the spawns, the health of the enemies, or the fire rate of the player, player scores between versions cease to be comparable.

I did cave in and make one change that, I believe, still respects the game's original difficulty: enemies now provide a short visual cue before attacking. This allows players to better predict enemy attack patterns without me actually changing anything about the patterns themselves. This should make the game more accessible to more players.

I've also added a web version for those of you not running Windows!

Play the game here! Enjoy!

No gamepad support yet (sorry Wzzrd).

Change log:
-Web version added
-Enemies now provide visual cues before shooting, HOW NICE OF THEM
-Increased time between shots for the big glowy ship by 1/30th of a second (not that you'll ever see one)
-Minor text changes
-Giant ship recoil exaggerated (a whopping 2 pixel kickback!)
-Blocks and debris spawn rate decreases with framerate
-Performance improved
-Audio engine updated

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