Digital Toilet World

Digital Toilet World is the definitive dystopian cyberwaste experience.

You are a cleaner - a holy warrior on a mission to purge a server world of lethal viruses. Accompanying you on your mission is a brave (and cute!) fighting monster, the only one capable of fighting the viruses. The catch? The monster must poop frequently, and there's only one toilet on the whole server.

Digital Toilet World is a short adventure game made in 48 hours for the 28th Ludum Dare. The jam version of the game placed in the top 25 percent overall, and the top 10 percent for humor. The game has since been updated.





or Ludum Dare (original jam version only)


  1. Hey man, I just tried to play it but it's not coming up. Maybe it's my anti virus but just in case I wanted to ask if this runs well on Windows 10 or not.

  2. Hi, thanks for letting me know! I've got Windows 10 on my machine, and it works. Do you have trouble downloading anything else from Gamejolt? Being an unsigned app, it might be an antivirus issue.