Waker is an fantasy adventure game with RPG elements.The eponymous hero of the game, the Waker, lives in a dull, colorless world. He gets up, takes the train to the office, sits down, and presses the space bar all day. It's better than his last job. Lately, though, he's been having strange and frightening dreams. Dark shapes. Burning cities. Man-eating beasts. Most strangely, these dreams are in color.

     The game begins right before his most intense series of dreams. He seamlessly falls in and out of the dream world, one that is experiencing a global genocide committed by the beast Feirn and his army of Wretches. Within it, he begins a journey, accompanied by the cheerful Sue the Poggle, to determine reality, and to determine his personal responsibility in a dying world.

       Waker's emphasis is on interactive narrative. The player character's decisions and discoveries determine the demeanor and fates of everyone around him. Along the way, the player may be chased, shot at, stalled, stalked, and blown up, but these brief moments of intense action and puzzle solving do not define the experience as a whole, but instead flavor the experience. Whenever the player character dies in the dream world, he wakes in the office world, causing him to switch between the two.

     The game began development in July 2012. Most likely, it will never be finished. When I have the chance, I'll polish up what I have and add it to the posterity archive.

    Ashton Morris was working on its sound and music.

TRAILER (Summer 2014)


TIGsource devlog
Relevant blog posts
Old demo (October 2013) (Barely representative of the game in its current state)

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