Friday, July 13, 2012


From time to time, indie dev Jonas Kyratzes writes something really cool. I really wish this attitude were adopted more widely across the industry.

Its those moments of "grace," as Kyratzes calls them, that make games worth playing. Those moments when Agro falls into the ravine in Shadow of the Colossus, when Psycho Mantis shatters the fourth wall in Metal Gear Solid, when the Scythian's body floats down the river in Sword and Sworcery, when Garrus is horrifyingly taken away by a seeker swarm to his death in Mass Effect 2, or when the Kid is carrying Zulf's body over his shoulder in Bastion and the violence stops... those are the moments that touch me and keep me thinking about the game for days after I've played it. It's those moments of grace that actually give the medium value.

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