Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waker Update

     This past semester's kind of been kicking my ass, but I've still been putting time into Waker whenever I can. The past month, I've expanded the game's opening - extended the chase scene, quadrupled the size of the snowy area, and spaced out the game's dialogue. These changes have helped much with the pacing - I'm really happy with how the opening sequence plays out.
      However, for those of you who played the demo, I've removed the character of Roger, the hooded Juror, from the game. I had a subplot planned out for him, but he doesn't contribute much to the main story and is just another character to keep track of. In any case, I need to take shortcuts wherever I can if I want to finish this within the next year. I hear artists talk all the time about having to scrap good individual work for the sake of the whole, and it's really not easy, but the more I replay the first section, the more I realize that it was for the best. R.I.P Roger.
     Current goal for the end of the month is to implement a dashing mechanic (Go Go Boots make you Go!) and puzzles with turrets. I hope to finally begin progressing the story again by the end of December.

     I'm sorry I haven't been writing many recommendations/reviews/opinion pieces lately - there has been little time for blogging. I hope to have some more entertaining writing as a holiday gift. ;)

EDIT: Here's a screenshot of the turrets. Still working on getting them to shoot - the lasers are for detecting threats:

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